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Strategy 2014- 2018

Koldinghus Version 3.0 – A step closer to the user and the future

Koldinghus is more than just a castle. More than just bricks. Koldinghus has been a physical symbol of the royal power and its wish for a guard at the southern border and a presence in Jutland. Koldinghus has been a ruin and as such a romantic scene for amongst others painters and artists, who in the ruin found a motive that reflected the tendencies of the time. But as a ruin the castle has to the day today created a scene for many personal stories: the first kiss in the shadow of the castle, the ice cream bought in the kiosk etc.

The renovation in the 1970’s was to a large degree carried by the desire of the city and its citizens to re-erect the city’s cultural lighthouse, where inhabitants, businesses, tourists and many others could gather. Through its own tale, Koldinghus gathers the history of the country, the city Kolding and the individual guest.

We will in the coming year work to realize the following vision: "Koldinghus is the authentic gathering place that shall give the users a perspective on their own lives – through history"​

One of the tools used to realize our communication paradigm, which goal is to give our guests involved and authentic experiences. The communication paradigm fokuses on three essential concepts: authenticity, involvement and the good host.  



Koldinghus 1

6000 Kolding

Postboks 91

Tlf.: 7633 8100

E-mail: museum@koldinghus.dk


Tlf.: 7550 4798

E-mail: info@madkaelderen.dk


Daily from 10 a.m. to 17 p.m.

Closed on October 19 and all mondays the rest of 2020

Closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

The museum is closed from 4th - 31st of January

PRICES HIGH SEASON (May. 26 - Jan. 3 2021)

Adults: 125 DKK

Students: 65 DKK

Groups (min 10 pers.): 100 DKK pr. pers.


Adults: 110 DKK

Students: 55 DKK
​Groups (min. 10 pers.): 90 DKK pr. pers.

Free admission for children and youngsters under 18 years.

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